What we do

We support organisations to invest in the emerging generations.

We support organisations to nurture and release innovation through empowering and training young leaders.

We support organisations to impact and influence beyond their walls into the local community.

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How we work


What do you see?

We will partner with your organisation to help you discover new opportunities for growth. 


When you decide you want to catalyse change, we start by helping you to intentionally look at everything differently.

What do you see that makes you feel inspired? What can you discover that will make a difference to your community?


What do you think?

We work to help design your project or programme, then bring the expertise to help you to implement. 


We bring a vast network of experienced practitioners to assist you in making your ideas a tangible reality. We don't just want you to feel inspired to do something innovative, but we want to provide you with the confidence, clarity and connections to make it happen.


What will you do?

By working from within your organisation, we are ideally positioned to assist you, as you pursue transformation in your community. It is often when we make the jump to do something different, that we come across the greatest challenges. Yet if you haven't worked on the edge of failure, you haven't worked on the edge of success. We work to help overcome these challenges.

Who we are

Danny Vance

Danny is passionate about youth and children's work and wants to support and equip youth and children's workers who are diligently working to impact their community.

In 2006 Danny started a youth initiative in his local church which in two years grew to a weekly attendance of over 250 young people. In 2013 Danny entered the Charity sector and became the manager of a youth and children's centre in Peckham. In the time he was there, he saw the charity transformed, achieving record attendance figures and creating programmes that directly benefitted the children and young people in the community. Most recently, he has been Head of Charity Development at a church in London.

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Chris McCullagh


Chris has spent the last 12 years helping organisations to grow and to have a positive impact in the Community. He is most excited by seeing communities, individuals and businesses thrive.


He has worked in the charity sector (The Besom, The Prince’s Trust) funding grassroots development project, and coaching start-up businesses; supported entrepreneurs to build social impact business models; helped to run an Apprenticeship Programme; managed youth development and finance in a start-up street food social enterprise; and, most recently, been building healthy internal community in a start-up business.


He enjoys developing strategy, coaching and mentoring, while having a good eye on the process and detail.  



Frequently Asked Questions


How does it work?

Sparkworks supports local churches and charities to impact their communities by focusing their resources and cultivating innovation. 

We support in highly practical ways, usually over an initial 6-12 month period. We get to know your organisation, and what you want to achieve. We integrate with your team and build unique solutions with you, for your community. Then we help to make those solutions happen.

We believe that with our support you can unlock your organisation's latent growth potential.

How long will you work with our organisation?

We start by meeting you and working out if our aims and expectations are aligned. If we decide that they are, then we will look to work with you (usually for around 1 day per week, over 6 months) to help you to impact your local community.


We don’t do the work for you but want to enable the talent and potential from within your organisation, supplementing this with access to our networks and experience, where necessary.

What do I need to do for Sparkworks to work with us?

We want to work with organisations that are serious about seeing their communities transformed. We want to make sure that leadership have bought in, and are prepared to invest. As such, after our initial consultation, we ask for a commitment from both youth leadership and an organisation director to help to ensure that we can maximise our impact.

Get in touch if you think this might apply to you, or if you want to find out more.

Contact Us

Please get in touch if you are serious about investing in young people in your area, or if you wish to know more about Sparkworks.


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